Released dogs adoption

We have two categories of dogs that occassionally require re-homing: these are our released and retired dogs.

Released dogs

Released dogs are those deemed unsuitable as Seeing Eye Dogs (SEDs). The dogs are usually between 6 and 18 months of age and may have had some basic obedience training but are generally well socialized.

They are used to sleeping indoors and having contact with at least one person for the majority of the day and night. They may have some behavioural issues, or ongoing medical problems.

Retired dogs

Retired dogs are SEDs that have been working with a client and are now entering their "golden years". Our working dogs usually retire at approximately 10 years of age. They have had basic obedience training, are well socialised and have a personality and characater all of their own.

They too are used to having contact with a person for the majority of the day and night and always sleep indoors. As with any ageing dog, special consideration needs to be given to diet, exercise and the general health of these wonderful animals.

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