Our current released dogs

Name: Zak

Age:  1 year and 1 month (DOB 18/07/2016)


Breed: Labrador

Sex:  Male (De-sexed)

Colour: Black

Bio: Zak is available for adoption in Victoria only.

Zak was withdrawn from the Puppy Development phase of training as he doesn’t have the level of motivation required to work as a  Seeing Eye Dog.

Zak is very sweet and playful but doesn’t mind playing on his own with his toys. He is relatively low energy but would benefit from daily walks to keep him happy and relaxed.
He has nice leash manners and learns quite quickly provided you have the right motivator (FOOD!)

Zak has a good level of obedience and in order to get the best out of him and build a bond with his new owners further training would be encouraged.

Zak would suit a household with children and or another dog. He has also tested well with cats.


Price: $2,000

Name:  Inigo

Age:  17 months old (02/03/2016)


Sex:  Male (De-sexed)

Colour:  Yellow

Bio: Inigo is available for adoption in Victoria only.

Inigo is a very sweet, intelligent and playful boy. He loves nothing more than to have a run around with his canine buddies and snuggling up to his human companions.

Inigo was not suitable to become a Seeing Eye Dog has he doesn’t have the confidence to navigate unfamiliar environments.

Seeing Eye Dogs need to be able to adapt to a range of different environments and, unfortunately, Inigo found this a bit stressful.

He’d prefer to play than work.

Inigo would suit; a companion who works from home or is retired (As he loves company), a family with teenage children (As he loves playing) and/or someone that has a dog (As he loves playing with other dogs).

If you fit one or all of these criteria’s, please apply for Mr. Inigo.


Price: $2,000

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