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Ashton, a golden retriever Seeing Eye Dog sits in harness

What if you’d put your heart and soul into training for your dream job, but were stopped in the final stages – just before you graduated?

This could be the reality for our next batch of puppies. Pups just like smart, confident, reliable Ashton, who’s currently in training to become a Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dog.

To become a Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dog each pup has to be exceptional.

And only the very best pups will make it all the way through this highly specialised level of training.

It is really important that remarkable pups like Ashton get every chance to graduate, so that one day they can go on to give the gift of independence to someone living with blindness or low vision.

Seeing Eye Dog Ashton  guiding a blindfolded trainer. A pup like Ashton must be trained and be good enough to pass a very demanding exam known as the ‘blindfold test’ before they can graduate and be matched with a client!

They will need to be able to perform 17 commands successfully – including guiding their blindfolded trainer and keeping them clear of obstacles that could cause harm. It’s just impossible to learn without specialised training and the stakes are very high, because one day someone’s life may depend on them.

‘’There’s a person relying on a Seeing Eye Dog to stay safe, so we treat that with paramount importance, it is a huge responsibility” explains our Chief Instructor, Patrick. “We recognise that only the best of the best will make it through the training and go on to be matched with a client.’’


Sadly, the wait list for a Seeing Eye Dog is very long. It is growing each week. And we rely on the support of generous Australians like you to help those who are blind or have low vision so that they can have the freedom, independence and companionship a Seeing Eye Dog can bring.

You can change a life today!

On graduation day, when the dogs have completed their training and are matched with a client, it is a proud, emotional time for everyone especially their instructors - and something that can’t happen without the support of kind people like you.

You may already know that it costs around $50,000 to care for and train each dog to this advanced level. It is a lot of money, but a small investment considering the remarkable impact that they will have on a person’s freedom, independence and dignity – and it’s a gift that you can help make possible today.

Please donate today and help gifted puppies learn to guide and protect people living with blindness or low vision.

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Kathleen donated $50 from Hornsby Heights , Nsw

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