The gift of independence

A Seeing Eye Dog can give someone like Sophie the gift of independence and self-confidence when their world starts closing in.

"My self-confidence was gone. I was feeling a lot of fear and anxiety about what the future held. ” - Sophie, who has progressive vision loss.  

Sophie is crouching next to her Seeing Eye Dog, Yarra. They are in a park setting.


It was a little over a year ago that Sophie found herself stuck at her desk at work, afraid to go out to lunch. She realised her sight had gotten so bad that she was scared to leave the office. 

For Sophie, it meant the heartbreak of losing not only her sight and mobility, but losing her independence too. Over time, Sophie went from loving life and enjoying everything her beautiful adopted city of Melbourne has to offer, to feeling like she couldn’t leave the house. Her words have really stuck with me:

  “I was suffering a lot of anxiety. The streets can be quite crowded, and bars, clubs and restaurants are so dimly lit that I couldn’t see a thing. It got to the point where I just didn’t want to go out anymore.”

Sophie words say it best when she says how much her life changed when she was matched with a beautiful Labrador named Yarra. She is so grateful to Yarra – and to supporters like you – for helping open up her world again and giving her back some of the independence she’d lost. 

“Yarra’s just amazing. She’ll walk me around objects and make sure that I don’t bump into anything and that I don’t walk into any people. I feel so much more confident. Now I can pop out to the shops or run errands and I don’t have to rely on someone to help me.

"Even if we go somewhere new and we don’t know the route, or there are lots of people around, lots of obstacles, she’ll just be like, ‘Come on Mum, let’s do this!‘ It feels great to be able to have that trust in her and know she’ll get me where I need to go.”   

Sophie is sitting at a cafe table holding a cup of coffee, and Yarra a Golden Labrador Seeing Eye Dog is sitting beside her.

Over the past months, at Seeing Eye Dogs Australia we have had a puppy boom and welcomed 58 adorable puppies into the world. They’re friendly and curious and brimming with playful puppy energy.

Each one is highly intelligent and could one day become a much-needed Seeing Eye Dog for someone like Sophie. But it won’t happen without the support of kind people like you.

Please donate a gift of your choice  so that our newest puppies can begin their journey to change the life of more people like Sophie.

“If you lose your sight, you can lose your confidence and independence and that can be really, really tough. A Seeing Eye Dog can provide companionship and help restore that independence.”

A close up photo of 3 little golden, two week old sleeping puppies.

Please send a gift of your choice today to help turn these puppies into trained Seeing Eye Dogs.

Your donation makes it possible to turn tiny bundles of love into magnificent Seeing Eye Dogs that a person who is blind or has low vision can trust their life with. 

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