Sixteen puppies need homes

28 February 2017

The Seeing Eye Dog puppy centre welcomed another five puppies to the 11 delivered last week, meaning 16 puppies will require volunteer carers from around eight weeks of age. 

Puppy centre staff worked into the late hours on Sunday to deliver five puppies, the first two puppies were delivered naturally, but due to complications, the rest were delivered by emergency C-section. The litter consists of five yellow pups; 4 boys and 1 girl. All pups are big, strong and healthy. The father of the litter is a yellow Labrador named Wesley. 

Vision Australia’s Seeing Eye Dogs  has a number of people who are  blind or have low vision on the wait-list for a Seeing Eye Dog to  help them lead independent and confident lives.

Puppy carers are vital to this  program.  

All costs are covered by Seeing Eye Dogs, you will receive training by one of our puppy trainers, you will attend training days with other carers, and you can take your puppy to work with you. 

You will teach your puppy the basics such as toileting, socialisation, and good behaviour – no digging up gardens allowed! 

Your contribution will change the life of a person who is blind or has low vision. 

(Puppy caring roles are only currently available in Melbourne, Geelong and Brisbane)   

Apply NOW to become a puppy carer

Photo: Sofie and her pups just after giving birth.