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What happens when a puppy and their former carer are reunited?

10 March 2017

Would a fully grown seeing eye dog remember the couple that cared for him before his formal training, when he was just a pup? You bet!

Clayton was recently paired with Vision Australia employee Kate Watkins, and was cared for before his six-month seeing eye dog training course by Carlia Rix, another employee, and husband Anthony under the Seeing Eye Dogs puppy care program.

When Kate and Clayton visited Bendigo from Melbourne, Clayton couldn't contain his excitement at seeing the Rixes again, as local media looked on.

To find out more about the rewards of being a puppy carer, you can view more information here, or phone Seeing Eye Dogs on 1800 03 77 73.

Video shows Clayton re-uniting with Carlia and Anthony Rix.

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