12 months in preparation.

8 months of advanced training.
Just one final test stands between Ringo and graduation as a Seeing Eye Dog…

Ringo has been training for this his whole life. 

From the moment he was born, he’s been preparing to join the elite ranks of a fully qualified Seeing Eye Dog.

Now, he’s ready to prove what he can do. 

Seeing Eye Dogs need to develop highly specialised skills which takes around 2 years and hundreds of specialised training sessions.

That is why we have such a long waitlist of people who are blind or have low vision waiting for the dog who will change their life.

But we can’t rush it. 

The reason dogs like Ringo need so much training is because they’ll be responsible for guiding someone who may be unable to clearly see the world around them. 

We need to make sure Ringo has all the skills required to guide his person through risky situations. He needs to be able to cross busy streets, navigate crowded public places, get on and off trains and buses, deal with unexpected road works – the list goes on.

And he’ll need to do all that without getting distracted.  If you have ever had a pup, you’ll know that this takes some serious training!

The single best way you can help is to give a gift today. 

You’ll be helping Australians who are desperately waiting for a Seeing Eye Dog and helping to train our next generation of pups. 

It costs more than $50,000 to train just one puppy all the way to graduation. 

Your gift today;

  • can help pay for much-needed specialised training equipment including harnesses and leads.
  • could help pay for the specialised training that teaches dogs like Ringo the skills they need to guide their person and keep them safe.
  • can help pay for in-house training for a client with their new Seeing Eye Dog.

If he passes the test, Ringo will be matched with one of our clients on the waitlist and start his new career as a Seeing Eye Dog. 

But the training isn’t over – Ringo and his person will then start training together, to bond and get to know each other. 

Your gift today will make an immense difference in people’s lives. You’re not only helping dogs like Ringo achieve their dream of being a Seeing Eye Dog, but you’re giving the gift of independence. 

Please, will you give $30 today so that we can train more Seeing Eye Dogs, to be ready to be matched with someone like Therese?