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The more detail the adoptions team receive the more likely you will be matched to a suitable dog.

Please note: In order for your application to be considered you must be ready to adopt and bring the dog home within one week of meeting the dog.

You also need to specify which dog you are registering your interest for.

The adoption fee for an Seeing Eye Dog from the Adoptions program is $3000 and goes some of the way into covering the costs of raising the dog prior to adoption, including veterinary treatments, desexing, vaccinations and professional training.

Seeing Eye Dogs do not offer a trial period or refunds for adoptions. Our thorough adoption selection and interview process allows us to assess suitability of the selected applicant.


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Your residential address

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The Seeing Eye Dogs facility is not able to board dogs onsite that are no longer in the program. All applicants MUST be in the position to take the dog home immediately. By selecting YES you are committing to being able to adopt within 1 week from the time of meeting the dog.
SED staff utilise various training equipment in the program for encouraging good behaviour and establishing boundaries. As a potential owner of a SED available for adoption you need to be willing to utilise any equipment that is recommended to you. Crates are used as a training tool to give the dog a safe secure place to sleep and/or relax when unsupervised and also assists in toilet training young pups. This tool is never used as a punishment. Walking equipment, such as Gentle leader head collars, K9 bridle head collars and Easy Walker body harnesses are recommended by our training staff. By selecting YES you are confirming that you are willing to utilise the equipment that is recommended to you.

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ALL applicants will be contacted about the outcome of their application.
Please note, due to the volume of applications, Seeing Eye Dogs may not be able to respond to enquiries about the status of applications.
Please allow up to 4 weeks for a response to your application.