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Yellow lab sitting on dog bed




11 months  (DOB 13/02/22)


Labrador Retriever


Male (desexed)


White (with black marking)


“Ripple” is not continuing in the Seeing Eye Dog training program as he doesn’t possess the temperament for the SED role.  He becomes activated when excited or under stress, which affects his ability to focus on his work.

Ripple is an affectionate dog that enjoys being a part of any home activity and relaxes well when everyone is settled in the household.

Ripple is a big ball of energy and requires calm handling so as not to over excite him, particularly indoors.
He is responsive to training and enjoys being near people.  Ripple will need some supervision around the home and backyard as he likes to chew.  He loves playing and engaging with a range of toys, including chew toys.

Ripple would make a great pet for anyone who enjoys exercise.
He is an active dog who enjoys routine and walks. Ripple's interest in other dogs can lead to him
 becoming over excited, therefore quieter parks or residential street areas are more suitable environmental walking areas. 

Ripple was raised in a household with 2 adults and will suit a home where he has a set routine.  

happily settles with his favourite toys when resting and will nap in his bed.

If you think you can provide Ripple with his perfect forever home then please apply.

Ripple is available for adoption to applicants within driving distance of Maroochydore (Sunshine Coast), Queensland.





Black lab sitting on green grass

“My puppy raising days are over. Now it’s time for some fun!” -Amber

Amber is a beautiful lady who has recently retired following a successful career as part of our breeding colony.
Her puppy raising days are behind her and she is now ready to enjoy a well-earned rest and have some fun.

Amber walks well on lead with the use of a head collar. She is not a huge fan of wearing it and will at times attempt to paw or scratch it off but she is a large dog, so wearing a head collar will give her handler much more control when out and about.

Amber is used to sleeping in a crate overnight. She has good home behaviour but will alert bark when visitors arrive or if she can see people or animals walking past her home.

Her breed may be known for their love of water but lady Amber is afraid of the hose and does not enjoy having a bath.
This is something that her new owner will need to be mindful of. She is anxious getting in but will stand and accept it if her handler is patient and committed to providing her with a positive experience.
She is a “pleaser” who will do very well with clear boundaries, continued training and lots of love.

Amber has a very loving, placid nature.
She can become excited when guests arrive but this is only because she just loves to be around people. She is great company and is used to being inside with her humans so will not cope well if left alone for long periods every day. For this reason we are looking for a home in which she will have lots of attention.

Amber was raised in a home with adults and older teenagers and her large size suits these ages perfectly.

She is a sweet girl who would enjoy receiving all of her family’s attention as an only dog.
She has not lived with other pets but is a social girl who could be matched to another dog.
She will make a wonderful addition to a very lucky family.

If you think you can provide Amber with her perfect forever home then please apply.




5 ½  years (DOB 14/06/2017)


Labrador x Golden Retriever


Female (Desexed)





Has lived with kids <5?


Has lived with kids 5-12?


Lived with cats?


Lived with dogs?


Special needs:


Home behaviour:



Kensington, Vic




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