Request a Seeing Eye Dogs Representative

Our Seeing Eye Dogs representative program is currently on hold until further notice. Due to COVID-19 we are currently not running any external engagements and events. Please visit this page for further updates. 

Thank you for your interest in having a Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs Representative attend your next festival, expo or event. Seeing Eye Dogs support people who are blind or have low vision to live the life they choose. 

Our Seeing Eye Dogs Representatives are trained to represent Seeing Eye Dogs in educating the public about all Caring programs and the importance of the journey of a Seeing Eye Dog.

It is important for us at Seeing Eye Dogs to get our message out to the community. Our attendance at events is very popular and we are in constant demand. For your event to be considered, we ask that all applications meet one or both of the Seeing Eye Dogs criteria below to ensure the purpose of your event is a good match.

Seeing Eye Dogs criteria for events

  1. To promote the Seeing Eye Dogs volunteer puppy caring opportunities to recruit more puppy carers in the community (no event cost)
  2. To raise funds to contribute to the work of Seeing Eye Dogs (refer to Event cost below).

Please note: Our Seeing Eye Dogs Representatives do not provide information about working at Seeing Eye Dogs or technical information about dog training. 

Event cost

To ensure that we provide you with the highest quality service, we charge an event fee of $200 incl GST. This fee helps to fund the Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Caring program. Please note: if you are organising a fund raiser event, this amount can be offset against funds raised.

What we offer

  • Seeing Eye Dogs Representatives with/without Seeing Eye Dogs pups in training
  • Seeing Eye Dogs clients with their working Seeing Eye Dogs
  • How to be a Puppy Carer presentation or,
  • Attendance to promote puppy caring at your event with Seeing Eye Dogs promotional materials

How to request a Seeing Eye Dogs Representative

  • Complete the Expression of Interest application form below.
  • Submit your request 12 weeks prior to your event for consideration.

Please note our Seeing Eye Dogs Representatives are only available in some areas of Victoria including:

  • Melbourne Metropolitan suburbs
  • Mornington Peninsula to Portsea
  • Yarra Ranges
  • Bendigo to Ballarat through to Geelong CBD
  • And everything in between!

The process

  • Once your Expression of Interest is received, please allow up to 4 weeks for us to consider your application and provide you with a response.
  • Following this period, if your application is successful, please allow up to 8 weeks for your request to be fulfilled for your event.

Guidelines for when a Seeing Eye Dogs Representative is at your event:

  • Our Seeing Eye Dogs Representatives and Seeing Eye Dogs pups in training are on a journey to become Seeing Eye Dogs. As part of the socialisation program, pups wearing their puppy coats are working and cannot be patted. A Seeing Eye Dogs puppy is therefore not suitable for ‘pay for a pat’ type event.
  • When a Client attends with a working Seeing Eye Dog, the dog will be wearing its harness and cannot be patted. 
  • Depending on the event and at the discretion of the Seeing Eye Dogs Representative and/or Client, in some situations is may be possible for coat off time to enable interaction with the pup/dog. 
  • Arrangements should be made for Seeing Eye Dogs Representatives to have access to parking and most importantly a thank you and a cup of tea/coffee.
  • If a Client is attending an event, please arrange for someone to greet them at a central meeting point and escort them to the event location.

Attendance at an event

If you request a Seeing Eye Dogs Representative with a Seeing Eye Dogs puppy/dog to attend your event, please provide a stand undercover or a marquee (if outside), trestle table and chairs, room for a crate for the pup to have a rest, a water bowl and a nearby location to toilet the pup. 

Speaking at an event

  • If requesting a speaking event, you will be provided with a PowerPoint presentation: ‘How to be a Puppy Carer’. Please provide the ability to play a PowerPoint presentation and video with sound on screen. The presentation can be sent to you in advance so it is set up before the presenter arrives.

Please provide a room set up with:

  • Chairs facing the presentation screen 
  • Registration trestle table and 2 chairs 
  • Space for a crate for the pup to have a rest, a water bowl and a nearby location to toilet the pup. 
  • Seeing Eye Dogs Representatives are not available to set-up/pack up events

Please use the following form below;

Business or mobile phone number

Event details

Presentation details

Who is the audience?
Please list what you would like us to cover in the presentation

Would your organisation be interested in making a donation to help us provide our services? (All donations are tax deductible)

While we don’t charge for the Speakers Network service, Vision Australia – Seeing Eye Dogs is a not for profit organisation and we rely on support from the community.