13 October 2022
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20 September 2022
With over a decade of puppy caring under her belt, these are Ivy's words of advice for anyone interested in becoming a puppy carer.
14 September 2022
We are on the hunt for soft toys that can help with our pups development during their time in the puppy centre.
05 September 2022
On this week’s episode of the Seeing Eye Dogs Show, Harriet catches up with Seeing Eye Dog handler Jen Nickols.
02 September 2022
Sixteen-year old Amanda and her mum Janet are a mother daughter puppy caring team from the Eastern suburbs.
31 August 2022
The Seeing Eye Dogs Show is Vision Australia Radio’s peek into the behind the scenes at Seeing Eye Dogs HQ in Kensington.
17 August 2022
As a teacher’s aide, Karen Frugtniet has a lot of opportunities to inform and educate her students about blindness and low vision, and about accessibility and inclusion. Her Seeing Eye Dog, Queenie, has been a great help in this endeavour.
12 August 2022
Jen and Nellie are raising funds for this exciting adventure!
10 August 2022
Isabella and Seeing Eye Dog Penny aren't letting anything hold them back!
08 August 2022
When Seeing Eye Dog Kingy started struggling with arthritis, Rhiannon McLeish knew it was time for her faithful companion to retire. She applied for a new Seeing Eye Dog in 2021, and in a matter of weeks, she was matched with Yaffa.