Sponsor a puppy

It takes a lot to get a puppy to graduate into a Seeing Eye Dog.

Up to two years of dog care, vet bills and intensive training. But it’s so important.

With your help they could become a Seeing Eye Dog like Sadie, who is everything to young Oliver who is blind. Because of Sadie, Ollie’s got a trusted guide and the help to go anywhere he wants to in life.

Right now, on our waiting list there are people who are desperately waiting for a Seeing Eye Dog who will transform their life.

Help ease the current waitlist and sponsor a puppy.

Oliver leans down to pat Seeing Eye Dog Sadie


Benefits of sponsorship

As a puppy sponsor you will share a litter’s two year journey from puppyhood through to graduation as a Seeing Eye Dog.

You'll receive:

  • Welcome pack
  • Regular updates on how your puppy is progressing


a sample of the Seeing Eye Dogs sponsor a puppy pack, including certificate, letter and brochure

Your donation is also fully tax deductible.


Where your support goes

The happiness and health of our puppies are our priority. We are internationally accredited and proud members of International Guide Dog Federation and Assistance Dogs International.

Your monthly donation will help with:

  • Vet bills, vaccinations and treatments
  • Specialised training
  • Onsite kennel staff
  • Equipment like harnesses, leads etc
  • Follow up visits and training


Sponsor a puppy today