An older yellow Labrador wearing a Seeing Eye Dogs vest, touches noses with a Seeing Eye Dog puppy wearing a Seeing Eye Dog vest
Carers needed - 50 pups need homes by June 2021

Register for a volunteer puppy carer information session today and join our supportive community

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Rolf sitting on a park bench looking affectionately down towards Echo
Echo was my everything then I had to say goodbye – Rolf

A gift today will help to ensure we have dogs available when someones Seeing Eye Dog retires or passes away.

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Woman gently hugging her Seeing Eye Dog
Seeing Eye Dogs Masterclass series

Join our new series to discuss and learn more about Dog Guide handling

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Seeing eye dogs

For the right person, getting a Seeing Eye Dog can have a huge and positive impact on the quality of their life.

Puppy carers needed

puppy carears needed

Do you love dogs? Why not become a puppy carer? Seeing Eye Dogs are urgently seeking loving homes for puppies in your area.

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